Luke began to fully appreciate the impact of the breath on the depth and breadth of awareness through his meditation practice. As the only bodily process which can be controlled consciously (but is otherwise controlled sub-consciously), he observed how uniquely it serves as a bridge from our everyday awareness to a far subtler one. 

Subsequently he developed a yoga asana (postural) and pranayama (breathing) practice, which unveiled to him the awesome power of the breath to shift energy, increase charge around the body and influence psychological wellbeing. As his everyday focus dropped from mind into body - from thinking into feeling - he became more acutely aware of various long-held tensions both in his musculature and on an energetic level, as well as the ebb and flow of his mental and emotional states.

Luke later started to work with healing plant medicines, and from this came to a deeper understanding of the way in which the body-mind complex is integrated - as a continuum from the most tangible to the most subtle aspects of our being - with every experience generating a ripple across the spectrum. This embodied realisation had a huge impact on the quality of his internal and worldly interactions.

A few years ago he encountered his first breathwork session. Immediately he experienced the way in which this method was able to catalyse the body-mind to bring itself to equilibrium through a myriad of release mechanisms and a reorientation of perspective. Excited by both its personal healing potential and its wider implications, over the following year he worked with a variety of different breathing modalities before deciding to train as a practitioner in the Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release (BBTR) system with Giten Tonkov and his team.

Luke is based in Bath, Somerset and facilitates one on one as well as group breathwork sessions in London, Bristol, Bath & South West UK.


Photo by  Anouska Beckwith



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Giten Tonkov - BBTRS® Practitioner Training Program (18 months / 200 hours)

Anthony Abbagnano [Alchemy of Breath] - Seeds of Alchemy (30 hours)

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Yoga Vidya Gurukul - Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours)

Rittu Sood - The Reiki Centre, Reiki I & II (50 hours)

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Ecodharma - PDC (100 hours)

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Kopan Monastery - Intensive Meditation (1 month)

University of Bristol - Philosophy & Theology (BA Hons)